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itcameuponamidnightqueer asked: Jenna can't hear us, she's blind! (I would say "since LABOR DAY?!?!?!" but that's just in a league of its own)

DAMN both of those are great. you’re totally right .

(the labour day one deserves it’s own category. it’s in a whole different leeeaaaague)

there must have been a pretty big fire :(

there must have been a pretty big fire :(


The Exertion of Mass 10 (paint on found print, 2014) by Chad Wys (web/tumblr/fb/s6)


The Exertion of Mass 10 (paint on found print, 2014) by Chad Wys (web/tumblr/fb/s6)

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hispanic parents have a sixth sense

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Clone Magazine  (Suburbia edition)

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    GAME CHANGERS: Greg Rucka on Renee Montoya →


    In honor of me missing Renee Montoya’s birthday by a week and a day, I wanted to post an interview I just found that Greg Rucka (@ruckawriter) gave at the end of July. It’s an amazing read for Renee fans, as it contains a lot of things Greg has said before to me (and others) in person at conventions and is a general ‘summary’ of his feelings altogether on Renee and an insight into his creative process with her.

    I’ve spoken about in the past about how Greg treats Renee like she’s an old friend and not like a character in a comic book. I think this interview really gets that message across.

    Here are some of the best quotes taken from the article regarding Renee. There’s still much more to read there and I encourage everyone to click through.

    The first thing I ever wrote for DC was a Montoya story. I had read up, around, and in support of that. But I knew she was queer. There’s at least one person out there on the internet that accuses me of “making her gay.” As far as I am concerned, she is the most authentically queer character I have ever written, in the sense that I didn’t make her gay. That was in her genetics. She was queer.”

    "Renee, for whatever reason, I knew certain things about before I literally ever put pen to paper. I knew that she was a second-generation immigrant from the Dominican Republic. I knew that her parents had immigrated to Gotham. I knew that the family was Roman Catholic, and I knew that she was gay and in the closet.

    And I knew those things. I just knew them. I also knew she had a brother. There was no basis for this at all. And one can argue that — I think unconvincingly — the actual canon before I got my grubby little mitts on her was that she was actually straight. She was dating this guy, and so on and so forth. To which my response is, yes. It’s called bearding. Just because she was dating a guy, or even sleeping with a guy, doesn’t mean she wasn’t queer. We are fortunately in an era now where that kind of argument is holding less and less water.

    So, yeah. I genuinely don’t know. There have been times when I’ve tried to decipher it. She was what she was. She wrote the way she wrote. These are the things I knew when I wrote the story “Two Down.” And that was the first time I wrote a story with her. I don’t think it was my first story published with her, though. I think there was a prose short that got published before that, but it was the second thing I wrote. I had reached these other conclusions prior.”

    "Renee just means so much to me. I think she is such a remarkable creation, and I’ve loved writing her. There has not been a time where I have not adored writing stories for her. There are a lot more stories to tell. She’ll show up eventually in the new DC. I have no doubt about that.

    As much as I adored writing Wonder Woman, if I have left any lasting mark, it was with Renee and with Kate.”

    "I will say it’s a rare convention — even after all these years — where somebody doesn’t come up to me when I’m signing and want to talk about “Half a Life.” I guess that’s part of the reason I get so indignant at the reduction of and lack of such elements. There’s a responsibility, and nothing makes you more aware of the responsibility than when somebody comes to you and says, “This helped me. This saved me. It was there for me when I needed it.”

    Words have power, and they need to be used responsibly.”

    -Greg Rucka, “Game Changers: Greg Rucka on Renee Montoya”

    July 31, 2014

    (It also, interestingly enough, clarifies that Greg wrote Two Down first and then the piece of prose, yet they were published in reverse order. So I apologize to Greg for ‘correcting’ him at one point when he signed my Two Down was ‘where it all began’ ;) )

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    Pendleton the hedgehog.


    That is a very dashing cap, Master Pendleton!

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    The way I feel when I’m interacting with some of my young followers (you know who you are!)

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    Daisies (R.I.P. Vera Chytilova)